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Welcome to
 Carolina Cast Bullets

We are a cast bullet operation based in South Carolina.  We make/size/and ship cast bullets for many firearms.   Please browse our site for any bullets that you use or like.  If there is a bullet you would like us to stock, please email or call us so we may discuss adding it to our inventory.   We ship using USPS flat rate boxes, size and cost determined by your order size as well as bullet size to save time and your money.

We also provide a good selection of Ranch Dog Outdoors bullets including a 444 Marlin gas check bullet sized to .432", a size not often found.  Also included on this page are several of Ranch Dog Outdoors pistol bullets and several rifle bullets designed for lever actions.

We use Lee Molds exclusively for all our bullets.  All of our bullets are sized and lubed using a Lee Liquid Alox variation that has proven to work well.   It leaves the bullet with a dryer, less sticky surface that is less likely to clog up or gum up seating dies.   It also has proven to leave little or no leading at up to 1900 fps in some firearms.   Keep in mind that ANY cast bullet can leave lead in the firearm if pushed too hard or not sized correctly.  Carolina Cast Bullets cannot guarantee either lead free performance nor accuracy.   No liability is implied or stated other than careful attention to providing our clients with good, usable bullets.  We will not sell any bullet we would not use in any of our firearms.

Our usual material is an alloy called "isotope lead" and comes from the containers used to ship medical isotopes.  It is NOT radioactive in any way.  The alloy is 95% lead, 2.5% tin and 2.5% antimony and is quite hard enough for most uses.  By changing to this alloy, we can hold our prices.  It is up to the individual loader to determine his/her needs.  Carolina Cast Bullets will keep "Hardball" alloy available but due to economic constraints, must be priced $15.00 per order higher. 
Carolina Cast Bullets offering of Ranch Dog Outdoors bullets now include some new bullets.  They are:
25 ACP, 50 grain RNFL, as cast .258"
32 ACP, 75 grain RNFL, .309" or .314"
25-20, 85 grain RNFLgc, .258"
32-20, 115 grain RNFLgc, .313"/.314"
44 Cal, 300 grain RNFLgc, .432"/.430"
45 Cal. 290 grain RNFLgc, .454"/.460"

Please contact us by phone or email
if you have any questions or wish to order.


Carolina Cast Bullets
P.O. Box 7755
North Augusta, SC 29861-7755

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